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Living the small town life on a full time basis

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Fuzzy words of wisdom........
18 August
just a man from the Midwest that enjoys life and all it has to offer. Born and raised in St. Louis and have lived here all my life. I spend my working hours maintaining our household and generally keeping things under control.

In my spare time I am usually hanging out with my partners and friends, I stay away from the bars except on Saturday night, when you can find me out dancing the night away. In the summer I spend my spare time visiting amusement parks, riding coasters and spending the weekends down at the lake.

I grew up during the 70's and therefore I am an avid fan of 70's memorabilia and television shows and watch them on a regular basis.

I started my live journal in December of 2010, and I try to be consistent and post on a regular daily basis.

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