October 1st, 2019

31 Days of Halloween, Day 1: remembering trick or treat

Growing up as a kid, Halloween was always a favorite time of year  for  me, from all of the cool decorations we used to put up, to the room   mothers at school putting on the parties for us year after year while  we  were growing up. at home we would get down all the cardboard  Halloween  cut-outs that we would have to pry apart from sticking  together over the  years sometimes it was with unsuccessful outcome,  other times we would  pull the cut outs apart and strategically place  them all over the big  picture window in the living room. once we would  get them all put up, we  would grab our parents and all go out to the  yard to look at how the  window looked all decorated up. 

we really didn't decorate too much other than the traditional  cardboard  cutouts and a couple of plug in light up pumpkins,  on  Halloween night  we would ( or I should say my dad would) "haunt" the  living room and  porch for when they would be giving out candy. we would  also put the  speaker up in the window and would play Disney's  "Chilling thrilling  sounds of the Haunted House"  and blast it out the  windows to get people  to stop at our house. we always had a carved  pumpkin or two, and we  would always bring home so much candy since our  trick or treat route  would cover such a large area, thank goodness our  subdivision was so  big! 

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