to my furry friend

Bleu, nothing can replace the void that was created in my heart when you left this world last night, for 18 wonderfully awesome years you were there for me. you helped me through many rough times,  and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   your dedication and loyalty were beyond fantastic and your love was unconditional.  

You asked nothing of me but to love you, and I did what I was asked from the day you came into my life. we had many wonderful times together, and we spent many happy days down at the lake.  we were there for each others problems and struggles and it was done without question.  the countless memories I have of you will stay in my head and in my heart for the rest of my life, filling me with nothing by love and happy thoughts and memories. 

you are no longer suffering, and you are now chasing squirrels till your hearts content... go get em boo boos, your daddy loves ya boy,   see you on the bridge.....

Checking out some natural soaps

I'm what you would call a professional shower taker.. Well, I don't get paid to shower or anything, I just happen to love showers.  I've always been a fan of bar soap, and over the years have stuck with a few favorites regularly.   about 2 months ago I started paying attention to commercials showing up in my news feed on social media, and they sparked my curiosity enough to act on impulse, and I decided to order some.   

The first kind I ordered was  from Dr. Squatch soap company, which  is online based. Their commercials are catchy and really make you interested in the product. I ordered just one bar of soap to give it a try.  

The soap runs 7.00 per bar and a couple of dollars for shipping, so you pay about 10.00 per bar all in all.  the delivery time was super quick, and I had my soap in a matter of days.   I ordered the "Cedar Citrus" scent, and decided to jump in the shower ASAP and check it out.    The soap smells absolutely wonderful, and the bar just sitting in the dish permeates the room with its scent.  it lathers up wonderfully and lather is what I'm all about when it comes to my showers.  my only complaint I have about this company's soap is the duration of how long the actual bar lasts.  

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An end to my sleep issues

I've been an extremely light sleeper my entire life, and its been a  disadvantage for quite some time. Lately it seems like trouble with  falling asleep has come more often so I've had to resort to using sleep  aids to help me make that transition into sleep.  Z-Quill has been a  life saver,  and I've had many nights of deep sleep thanks to that wonderful bottle of red liquid...

I still wanted a more natural way of falling asleep, and I have definitely found it with a mess of "Relaxation" tracks to listen to in bed.  It honestly blows me away that each one of these that I have listened to has put me to sleep without a doubt, as the man states at the beginning of the tracks.  Each one of these tracks ranges in length from 49 minutes to an hour and a half, and each one is done professionally and honestly do put me to sleep.  it's really nice to fall asleep to and then to wake up fully refreshed and ready to go, makes it even more worthwhile.     

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At the end of the day: 1/9/2020

The lights are off, the heat is warming the house, and the last few hits on my bowl of tasty weed is just about finished. I have my relaxation track queued up and ready to play to take me to dreamland or at least all the way to slumber land till the morning wakes me, so I can relive another day..    I'm still looking at the Christmas trees and decorations that are scattered around our house, my guess-timation has removal set sometime around the end of the month, hopefully I won't have to threaten to take them down myself...on the other hand, that ALWAYS gets a rapid response of NO! and take down begins immediately...

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you would look so much younger

Someone I knew the other day, told me "you should shave that beard, you  would look so much younger"  this was coming from someone who dyed their  beard, something I can't stand to see people do..  I laughed and said  "this is me, and this is how I look. I don't care how old I look, its  how I feel inside which makes the difference.  I have never in my life  ever cared about what others think about how I look, dress, and act and  this is something that holds true to my standards even now at the young  age of 55..  I learned a long time ago and it wasn't actual personal  experience, but what I saw in other people, that too many people are  afraid of getting old, so they fight the process by changing their beard  color without even realizing that others DO know that you dye your  beards.

  I had a friend, no an acquaintance that a dyed his beard on a regular basis.  one day I noticed the white of his beard on a couple of spots and told him he needed to do a touch up job on the beard.  He quietly laughed and told me with utter conviction in his eyes, that he didn't dye his beard. What was so funny was how he was trying so hard to be truthful when the patches of hair where his brush missed were plainly evident on his face.   I know another dyer that posts pictures and videos of him with his hair and beard covered in dye during the process..  

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At the end of the day: The Diner life for me

The lights are off, the one hitter has been lit more than once, and sleep is slowly making my eyelids heavy. I have fresh linens on the bed, and I changed the room around tonight so I will have a new balance to re-adjust to find the perfect sleep.  Today was the first day of the new year, and it started with a busy shift at work.  What is it I do you ask?  Well, I work in a diner, flipping burgers and serving the masses. I guess I'm a  little on the weird side depending on who's view your looking at, but I honestly love my job. 

up until around 8 months ago, I had no grill experience whatsoever, and with all honesty, when I started working this job, I was scared shitless watching my co-workers fill a grill with 20 + patties flipping and grilling like fools, convinced that I would never be able to handle a crowded restaurant, and getting the orders out. hehe, but boy did I sure prove myself wrong on that whole concept.  Months passed and now I'm a grilling fool like the rest of my co-workers.  I was devastated when I was fired from my job at the club, scared at the prospect of having to go back into the job hunting market at my age. luckily I had friends that had confidence in me, enough of it to hire me and give me a chance. 

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New year, New decade, new Story

Well here we go with a brand new year, what its got in store for me I have no idea whatsoever, but I'm looking forward to seeing it. I have decided that I will return to blogging daily, and while it is 12:36 am on January 1st, 2020 its also my first of 365 new and exciting entries, ( well, I do hope they turn out that way)

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Monday, Monday

another week has come to an end here in the life of me, miraculously it started with work and ended with work, with just a little bit of me time thrown into the mix.  We had an Indian summer over the course of a few days last week, surprisingly enough was the fact that one of those beautiful days was indeed the first day of Winter.  Now the weekend has surpassed, the winter feel is coming back and as an extra added bonus, we have gray cloudy skies.  This would most definitely be a great day to sit by a fire in the pajamas and enjoy some retro television shows... 

"Fog on Buck Knob"
"Fog on Buck Knob"

Have plans to hang with a buddy today, I'm was thinking that maybe we could take in a movie, however, with it being before January first and after December 25th, most kids are still out of school so there's and almost certainly going to be crowds at the theater, so maybe a chill session at home with a streaming movie might be a better option.  can't believe there is only one day left of this year, looking forward to starting a new chapter with a whole new decade, the twenty-twenties..   When I write tomorrow I will be including my plans for the new year, and a full look back on this year will come as well with tomorrows entry... have a fantastic day, because I sure know i will.  

The day after.......

Well another Christmas has come and gone, and as usual I find it completely amusing that almost an entire month of craziness culminates in a single solitary day. And for the most part, once the day is over its all back to normal the next day for most people.  Kids as usual have  it good, they are all most likely enjoying the ends of their Christmas breaks before having to return to School with no break until spring time.   I fully succeeded in not letting my Christmas shopping put me in any sort of debt, so I was able to enjoy the season knowing it was all fully paid for. 

I received a new television for my room, and I know that I will find myself utilizing it quite often when the partner wants to binge watch something I'm not interested in.  its really pretty cool having my own space, and NOW I can get fully into it even more, and that makes me quite content.  one of the things I have planned for my self next year is to watch more retro television on a regular basis, and having my own television with access to all of my streaming channels while I lay on my comfortable bed gives me hope for the new year even before it's already started. 

I feel like taking the tree down in my bedroom, but still undecided. I really enjoy looking at it, and there really isn't any reason I cant leave it up a little longer, I mean once it comes down, it will be another year before it goes back up. decisions decisions....