25 Days of Christmas: Day 6 Vintage Christmas Commercials

Growing up in the 70's during the Christmas season, we saw lots of memorable Christmas commercials, from the famous Norelco Santa gliding over the hills on the razor head, to a young Corey Feldman sneaking down the stairs to see Santa. these were commercials that really made an impact on us, so far from the countless Best Buy ad's and store ad's we are bombarded with on a daily basis starting in October and running through to the week of Christmas.

I have searched the tube for an assortment of the old commercials and have posted them here for your viewing pleasure! so sit back and take a step back in time to remember how fun and cute some of the old commercials were back in the day..

Norelco Santa Ad

McDonalds Gift Certificates Ad

Ronco Record Vacume

I'd like to buy  the world a Coke Christmas version

Woolworth Christmas ad

Toys R us Christmas

Sprite Christmas commercial

Coke Santa packs are coming

Country Christmas album

Folgers "Peter Comes home" Advertisement

K-Mart 1980 Christmas ad

25 Days of Christmas: Day 4 "A Christmas Carol" 1969

Today's Christmas installment is a special one for me, it's all about a special version of "A Christmas Carol" that used to air throughout the 70's, and it was usually shown on CBS.  This version was produced in 1969 and it's my absolute favorite of all of the animated versions of this classic Christmas story.

One of the unique aspects of this animated feature produced by Australia's Air Programs International in 1969 is Marley's Ghost. Unlike any other film or animated adaptation of Dicken's classic novella, Marley's Ghost here looks different than what Scrooge's seven-year- dead partner looked like in life (unless Jacob Marley in life looked like a skeleton with flames sprouting from the top of his skull).

Many who grew up in the 1970s probably remember watching this version on Sunday afternoons during the Christmas season on CBS as part of the network's series "Famous Classic Tales," which seemed to always be sponsored by Kenner. Ron Haddrick does an admirable job providing the voice of Scrooge. The animation doesn't hold a candle to the 1971 animated version directed by Richard Williams, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Unfortunately, this title, as of December 2006, has never been released on DVD. It was released on VHS at least twice, by Rhino Home Entertainment and again by Bridgestone Multimedia. as a Christmas treat, I transferred my copy to files that could be uploaded via youtube, and have presented it here for your viewing pleasure!

25 Days of Christmas: Day 3 "Vintage Christmas Specials"

Christmas Specials have been around for years, however nothing compares to the old shows from the 60's & 70's.. These years were known for the "variety show" which so many stars were known for hosting. some of these shows were ageless and timeless and quite entertaining.  I have searched the web for some of these shows and I have posted them here for your enjoyment. now sit back and take a stroll down memory lane with me, you will most definitely feel you have gone back in time...

Judy Garland Christmas Special (1963) with commercials

The Carpenters Christmas Special (1977)

John Denver & The Muppets "Christmas Together" (1979)

25 Days of Christmas: "It happened one Christmas"

What  happens when you take a Christmas classic like "It's A Wonderful Life"  remake it as a 70's made for television movie, and switch the roles  around so that the story revolves around Mary Baily instead of George?  That's just what "It Happened One Christmas" is all about..

It's  Christmas Eve 1944 in the small town of Bedford Falls, New York. A  despondent and suicidal Mary Bailey Hatch is praying for guidance on  what to do about an incident no fault of her own which threatens her  name and the community standing of her longtime family business, the  Bailey Building and Loan, which she took over after the passing of her  father. What Mary does not know is that most in town, including her  husband George Hatch and their children, are also praying for her. All  the prayers are heard by Joseph, God's gatekeeper of prayers.

As  there are no other angels available on such a busy day, Joseph assigns  Clara Oddbody, angel second class (i.e. she has yet to receive her  wings), to Mary's case, which he reluctantly does as Clara has never  been assigned a case on her own in the two hundred years she's been in  heaven for good reason. As Clara learns about Mary's case, she sees a  selfless woman who always wanted to explore the world but never did,  while others around her were able to fulfill their own dreams because of  her sacrifice. Mary always decided instead to do what was better for  others, especially in dealing with Henry Potter, the town's richest and  power hungriest man. When Clara begins to help Mary over this crisis,  Clara believes she's come up with a way to show Mary how important her  life is when Mary says that the world would have been better off if she  was never born.


Gearing up for the end of the year...

Thanksgiving is just a matter of a couple of days away, and the next day after is the official start to the Christmas season, that time of year when we all seem to lose a little track of time, and before we know it, its time to welcome in the new year.  for the first time in I don't know how many years, I'm planning on making a few changes with how and what I do with my life.   

Coaster season 2020: 

Coaster season 202o is going to be pretty minimal as far as I can tell from this point, even though its kind of early I've already made changes and decisions that will affect my coaster riding next summer.   for the first time since I started going regularly, I won't be returning to Branson Mo.  for the whole year, maybe more.  I really used to enjoy myself immensely down there, but over the years its gotten a little stale, and with all honesty I"m just tired of all the people that populate the area during the tourist season down there. I've got plans to make my way to Kings Island once again, but apart from that, I don't think I will have a major  season at amusement parks, other than spending substantial time at the local Six Flags 25 minutes away.  

Legalized Medical Marijuana:

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October 29th, 2019

Another day has been survived, and now I find myself poised at my computer once again frantically typing on my keyboard deciding on a topic for today's blog entry and I can't seem to grasp any one category to write about.  The season is kicking in full time tonight with our first real bout of minimal cold temperatures outside for the season. dipping down into the upper 30's and lower 40's makes me extremely glad that I grabbed those flannel sheets out of the linen closet this morning and remade the bed with them.  One more thing will actually complete my ensemble and that would be the double flannel blanket that I am planning on acquiring from the Old Vermont Country Store catalog that graces my mailbox every year at this time of year, which incidentally hasn't arrived yet..

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October 28th, 2019

Sitting here at my desk in a quiet house, the guys are off sleeping once again but this time for the night.  our dogs are scattered about the house in their perspective favorite sleeping spots snoring away, and I'm still a little bit away from that "heading to bed" mode that I get into every night, which finds me at my computer contemplating the words I will enter into my blog for the day...

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